Protects data from hackers, thieves and loss. On the go, on your PC and in the Cloud.

Security without back doors - Uncracked

And thanks to the latest 384 bit AES-XEX encryption it's safe for the future

Everything that's nobody elses business belongs inside a safe. This applies to your computer as well.

Steganos Safe is your virtual vault: Business reports, family photos or diaries - they are secure inside Steganos Safe.

And using it is easy: Imagine a Steganos Safe as a normal folder, which disappears at the press of a button. Only with the correct Passwort can your sensitive data be accessed.

Steganos Safe: data protection made in Germany - Uncracked.

And thanks to the latest 384 bit AES-XEX encryption it's safe for the future. As always with Steganos there are no master passwords, back doors or duplicate keys - for no one.

Place your encrypted data in the cloud.
Create Safes with up to 1 TB of data.

Create Safes
for different
Hide your
Safes for
extra safety.
Windows Integration
Safes are shown as normal drives as long as they're open.
Improved Steganos Portable Safe
Archive sensitive data on a USB stick, DVD or Blu-ray disc.
Password Generator
Steganos Password Generator creates highly secure passwords for you at the click of a mouse based on your settings.
Steganos PicPass
Instead of using a password, you can open your safe by clicking images in the right sequence.
 NEW  Even stronger encryption
The AES-XEX method of Steganos Safe protects you from hackers, thieves and even intelligence agencies. Now with 384 bit on the IEEE P1619 standard.
 NEW  Dropbox Safe 2.0
Protect the content of your Dropbox. Only encrypted data goes into the cloud - and your Dropbox syncs only files that were changed or added.