Surf the web safely - with the all-over protection against hackers from Steganos.

Protect your internet connection through encryption

... with just one click and for up to 5 devices

With only one click
your internet
connection is
Visit even unknown
websites without
danger - thanks to
your protected

The new Steganos Online Shield 365 protects you extensively and continuously while being on the Internet. It locks hackers out reliably and secures you online when you shop, browse or download -356 days a year.

With Steganos Online Shield 365 we created a software which prevents you continuously against attacks against your PC, your data and your online-identity. And all that is possible through just one click of your mouse.

Now protect up to 5 devices at home or at the office with your license for Steganos Online Shield. Regardless of whether it's a Windows computer, Android smart phone or Android Tablet: with Steganos Online Shield, use every WiFi and wireless network (3G, LTE, EDGE und GPRS) around the world safely.

Protect yourself against snoops in public hotspots, for example while being in a hotel, a cafe, an airport or at the office.

Find out here why this is necessary.
Protects you while surfing, shopping online and secures your personal data by continuously encrypting your data from your PC onwards.
It couldn't be easier. Protect your connection with only one click of your mouse.
Stay safe - Wether you're online wireless or by cable.

Protect up to 5 devices with one license

Steganos Online Shield provides effective protection online from cyber spies and hackers. When outside your own home, use every WiFi safely and enjoy protection from hackers in the same network with Steganos Online Shield. Your license includes protection for up to 5 devices in your home or office—regardless of whether it's an Android Tablet, Android smart phone or Windows computer.

Take the bull by the horns

Encrypting continuously is the best protection against hackers

Prevent fraud regarding your online-identity

Protect your passwords and credit card details

The dangers have changed: A virus scanner is not an obstacle for hackers and cyber-criminals anymore. Don't wait until you're the victim of credit card fraud. Until your e-mail is hacked. Until strangers can look into your accounts – or go shopping at your expense.
Don't wait until the milk is already spilled. The best protection against hackers is the continuous encryption of your whole connection to the internet - 365 days a year.

Steganos Online Shield for Android

How can I protect my Smart Phone and Tablet?

With your premium license from Steganos Online Shield 365 you can now also use the Steganos Online Shield for Android — with the same license duration. This app protects your smart phone and tablet internet connection with the same secure technology used in the Windows version. This protection will make it impossible for cyber spies to read your data traffic. In addition, Steganos Online Shield for Android shows you every device that is in your network that could possibly pose a threat to your digital safety.

For more information on the App please visit:
Steganos Online Shield for Android

System requirements: Smart phone or Tablet with Android 4.0 ("Ice Cream Sandwich") or higher