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Having combined the award-winning Steganos Safe and Password Manager security programs with Trace Destructor, Berlin-based software provider Steganos has launched the new Steganos Privacy Suite 19, offering complete protection for documents, images and passwords in a single application. Sensitive data such as business reports, TAN lists and holiday photos can be easily encrypted on the PC, on the network or in the Cloud. Major innovations are two-factor authentication, conversion from hard drive partitions to safes and an enhanced privacy function that blocks ads and trackers even more thoroughly. The Steganos Safe 19 and Steganos Password Manager 19 programs for digital security are also available separately.

Innovations in Steganos Privacy Suite 19 at a glance:
  • Two-factor authentication for safes and keychains (optionally via third-party apps such as Authy or Google Authenticator)
  • Conversion from hard drive partitions to safes
  • Direct access to private favourites via the Password Manager browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox
  • Backup wizard for Password Manager keychains
  • Enhanced privacy function blocks more ads and trackers
  • Fingerprint authentication for Password Manager Android app
  • Easy password import from Google Chrome

Steganos Privacy Suite 19

Many of the innovations and improvements have been incorporated into Steganos Privacy Suite 19, the complete data protection solution. The software - “made in Germany” - uses a digital safe and password management to offer comprehensive protection for data and private files. The clear menu guidance makes it easy for users to encrypt sensitive data on the home PC, on the network or in the Cloud at the push of a button. Automatic generation, entry and management of passwords and online accounts saves users all the effort, no matter whether they are using a computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition, all browser data and processes can be deleted with a click of the mouse. For Steganos Privacy Suite 19, data protection “made in Germany” means that no traces are left behind on devices and privacy is protected.

More information can be found at:

Steganos Password Manager 19
Passwords need to be secure, distinct, and kept protected. Furthermore, the number of passwords you need to remember is constantly increasing. Self- managing access data for every possible account is therefore no longer an option. With its highly secure encryption, Steganos Password Manager 19 provides the solution, both generating and managing strong passwords. Doing so is easy and secure. With two-factor authentication for keychains, version 19 provides even more security, optionally via third-party apps such as Authy or Google Authenticator as well. Browser plug-ins allow direct access to private favourites. If there is ever a problem with the keychain, the backup wizard provides support. Mobile access to the keychain is possible on iOS and Android devices, of course, and passwords can now be easily imported from Google Chrome.

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Steganos Safe 19
With the Steganos Safe 19 digital safe, sensitive data such as documents, business files, images or TAN lists can be securely encrypted with 384 bit AES-XEX encryption and locked away on the PC, on the network and in the Cloud. A complete innovation is the two-factor authentication for safes, which can be optionally used via third-party apps such as Authy or Google Authenticator as well. Also new is the option of converting hard drive partitions into safes. The highly professional security software “made in Germany” offers a clearly-structured user interface that guarantees ease of use. In this way, Steganos guarantees the highest level of reliable protection against data espionage and hacking.

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One program for five devices
The new Steganos Privacy Suite 19 includes a household licence for five simultaneously-used Windows computers, and so is a practical choice for the professional protection needed for the whole family.

Even on the internet there are national borders. Many clips on YouTube are unavailable in Germany. Even public broadcasters such as the European cultural channel Arte do not allow access to their content outside of certain countries with the reference: "This video is not available in your country".

Use a VPN
Bypass regionally blocked content with a VPN (virtual private network) and enjoy exclusive content in Germany, the US and other regions. The virtual private network transfers all network traffic in encrypted form. It is therefore also called a tunnel, which directs the data almost invisibly through the Internet to the point of departure of the VPN. This obscures your own geographic position.

Windows, Android, or iOS – with Steganos Online Shield VPN ( you surf safely und you can bypass domestic content blockages so you can stream videos while on the go. Select the destination country, then connect to it with a simple button and disconnect the connection just as easily.


  • 7 day premium trial
  • Updated, more intuitive user interface
  • Unified & extended settings dialog
  • Optimized Multiplex Engine for faster and more secure surfing without slow browser plugins
  • Faster & less obtrusive start behavior with additional autostart settings
  • Automatic cookie removal now also for IE11 & Edge
  • Speedier VPN connecting & disconnecting
  • Extended tracking protection: in addition to Facebook & Twitter now removing ad and analytics trackers as well
  • Improved warning upon interruption of the VPN connection
  • Reliable VPN protection now also on DS-Lite IPv6 connections
  • Additional bugfixes and speed improvements

Safe 17.1.1
  • Added French and Portuguese localizations

Password Manager 17.1.1
  • Updated Drag and Drop for Firefox 44
  • Fixed the issue that a frozen background process prevented Password Manager from being (re)started
  • Added French and Portuguese localizations

Privacy Suite 17.1.1
  • Trace Destructor: Cookies are automatically deleted again when all browser windows have been closed (if that option is active)
  • Fixed the issue that a frozen background process prevented Password Manager from being (re)started
  • Added French and Portuguese localizations


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