Over three billion data records worldwide have been lost since 2013 according to the Breach Level Index (www.breachlevelindex.com), including many passwords, bank data and customer details stored by online vendors. The Berlin-based IT security expert Steganos Software (www.steganos.com) has upgraded its privacy and data protection application, Steganos Privacy Suite, with additional features so that PC and Internet users can now profit from even more protection against data theft and online snooping. Today’s newly released Steganos Privacy Suite 17 features tracking protection, an ad blocker, and options for browser anonymization. Other new features include Intel hardware acceleration for fast encryption of large data volumes, sparse file safes, and notifications for password expiries. The software solution is compatible with the latest Windows 10 operating system.


ps-box-rightSteganos Privacy Suite 17 combines proven solutions for digital data protection from Steganos into one attractive package. With this highly professional security software, users can securely encrypt their sensitive data, passwords and emails, and proactively guard their privacy when browsing online. The package contains Steganos Safe, Steganos Password Manager, and a number of interesting extra features like Steganos TraceDestructor, Steganos Shredder and the Steganos Crypt & Hide function.


Tracking protection, anti-spam filter and browser anonymization

“A lot of folks still think that installing anti-virus software is all it takes to protect themselves against criminal online activity. They’re wrong. Passwords and other sensitive data can get lost in a variety of ways. In addition, invasive public authorities and nosy corporations are increasingly tracking all of our activity online.  This is why we’ve significantly enhanced the online privacy protection features in our 17th edition of Steganos Privacy Suite,” explains Steganos Managing Director Gabriel F. Yoran.


Highly secure AES-XEX 384-bit encryption with hardware acceleration

Since version 16, the Steganos Safe integrated in Steganos Privacy Suite has implemented AES-XEX, an algorithm that has never been cracked and currently offers the maximum key length of 384 bits for data encryption. With Steganos Privacy Suite 17, Intel hardware acceleration has now also been integrated in the safe feature. This allows even large volumes of data to be quickly encrypted — and they’ll be uncrackable.


Sparse safe files

New in the 17th edition: the size of safes for data encryption automatically scales on local storage media or in the cloud.  Users can now use their storage space even more effectively because the safe will always only take up as much room as it needs for the data it contains. And the size of the safe no longer has to be manually adjusted as its data volume increases.


Password manager with new convenient features

The Steganos Password Manager integrated in Steganos Privacy Suite lets users generate highly secure passwords, manage them, and automatically insert them. Automatic password expiry notifications provide additional comfort in Steganos Privacy Suite. Version 17 users also no longer have to use a cloud service when they want to access their passwords on a mobile device. Apple mobile device owners can log into the app with their Touch ID.


For over a decade, Steganos products have stood for reliable privacy protection. “There are absolutely no back doors, and Steganos stores no master passwords or skeleton keys,” emphasizes Yoran.



Steganos Privacy Suite 17: The biggest features

  • New! Tracking protection, ad-blocker, and browser anonymization
  • New! Intel hardware acceleration for turbo encryption
  • New! Sparse safe files save room on your storage devices
  • New! Automatic password expiry notifications for data protection
  • New! Access your password keychain with your Touch ID (iOS only)
  • Safe data encryption with secure AES-XES 384-bit encryption
  • Dropbox, GoogleDrive, MicrosoftDrive and TelekomCloud support
  • Unlimited number of data safes with up to 2TB of storage space
  • Plugins and in-app browser for automatic password insertion
  • Internet TraceDestructor irrevocably deletes any data traces
System requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32/64-bit resp.). Browser support for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox


Price and availability

Steganos Privacy Suite 17: 49.95 euro (upgrade: 29.95 euro). Steganos Safe 17:  29,95 euro (upgrade: 19,95 euro). Steganos Passwort Manager 17: 19,95 euro (upgrade: 9,95 Euro)

Download at www.steganos.com


Press material

Printable images and the press release can be downloaded from:  https://www.steganos.com/de/unternehmen/presse-center



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