Steganos Online Shield


Steganos Online Shield

We are constantly online. In the office, at home, in a café, or on the road. Briefly checking your balance, reading e-mails and the news, or posting on Facebook – we are on the Internet, anytime and anywhere.

The fact that we and our personal data are exposed to constant threats online is nothing new. Hardly anyone is foolish enough to use a PC without up-to-date anti-virus software. We are aware that an active firewall is important and that there are viruses and Trojans on the Net, which we must protect ourselves from. An anti-virus program acts like a security service and the firewall is like a door lock. When the computer becomes infected by malware, the installed virus scanner hits the alarm and tries to eliminate the malicious software. But a lock can be broken and a security service can be outsmarted.

With Steganos Online Shield 365, you now have the ability to encrypt you entire Internet connection. Therefore you are perceived by potential attackers as firstly not so much of a potential victim. You are now one step ahead of the cyber criminals, instead of blindly trusting that an attack on your data is hopefully detected.

The dangers have changed

Anti-virus is now no longer an obstacle for hackers, data collectors and cyber criminals. Long have these criminals found ways to identify gaps in your defence and exploit them. The manufacturers of anti-virus software only respond to new developments and machinations of hackers. Until the updates arrive, it is often too late. Your accounts could have been hacked, your credit card misused. The new Steganos Online Shield 365 protects you comprehensively and continuously on the Internet – while surfing, shopping and downloading. Within a only a single click you can lock out hackers and reliably encrypt your entire Internet connection. To not become such an easy victim.

Steganos Online Shield encrypts your Internet connection

How does Steganos Online Shield 365 work?

With Steganos Online Shield 365 you can secure your connection at home, in the office and even in public Wi-Fi hotspots – whether you access the Internet wired or wirelessly. All entered data such as passwords, addresses; credit card numbers are transmitted only in encrypted form. The data is flowing through fast and secure external Steganos servers in Germany, Britain, France, the U.S. and Switzerland. So you can surf safely on unknown sites that may not have their own protective defences.

With Steganos Online Shield 365 you can get your own private, encrypted and anonymous connection to the Internet and directly from your computer via secure data centres. Here your unique IP address is exchanged for a random IP address from the huge Steganos stock. So your real IP address is being protected from abuse. And this is not just in your browser, but also in other Internet applications, such as download programs.

The features of Steganos Online Shield 365

  • Protect your Internet connection through encryption – with just one click
  • Visit unknown website safely – thanks to IP address protection
  • Prevent password, credit card and identity theft
  • Protect yourself from snoopers on public Wi-Fi hotspots, for example in hotels, cafes, airports or offices
  • Unlimited backup data traffic without artificial speed reduction
  • Bypass censorship projects and call blocking on unharmed sites in your country
  • Fast and secure external server in Germany, Britain, France, the U.S. and Switzerland
  • One price, no confusing pricing, no hidden costs