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I am using a Firewall and have problems establishing the connection to the VPN-Servers.

For XP Systems only - Windows VISTA is not affected from this issue.

Open the Network Connectivity file either by right-clicking on the Steganos Anonym VPN Adaptor or Steganos Secure VPN Adaptor or Steganos Traveler VPN Adaptor or ArchiCrypt VPN Adaptor icon in the system tray/notification area and again, in the context menu, on the Open Network Connectivity - or - by choosing the Network Connectivity in the Control Panel.

The click right mouse on Steganos Anonym VPN Adaptor or Steganos Secure VPN Adaptor or Steganos Traveler VPN Adapter or ArchiCrypt VPN Adapter. In the context menu select Properties. In the Properties of Steganos x Adaptor window activate the box next to Virtual Machine Network Services" (Screenshot), by left-clicking on it once. Confirm the settings by left-clicking on OK and try to establish a connection.

In case Virtual Machine Network Services does not appear in Properties of Steganos VPN Adapter, please install this by opening the location (default C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Steganos VPN or C:\Programs\Steganos xxxx\) by left-double-clicking the netsvwrap.msi Data. Confirm the following dialogue, close the installation window and go through the latter process once more .

Please check your firewall. "openvpn.exe", "VPNClient.exe" and "SteganosUpdater.exe" must pass your firewall without limitation/restriction. To use a VPN Service anyway you have to open Port 1194 in your firewall if needed. If you don't know how to proceed this, please read firewall helpfile or contact 'their' support. Sorry that we cannot guide you for this.

Please keep in mind that disabling a firewall does not mean, that the Firewall is not longer working. For better and easier testing you should rather temporary setup the firewall to allow all.

Last update: 2008-05-21 15:04
Author: Ruediger Holdmann
Revision: 1.187

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