Always log in securely, with just one click. Password Manager 15 protects your passwords from hackers - On PC and smartphone.

Always log in securely, with just one click

Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and now also Chrome

Do your house, car and office have the same key? Certainly not.

On the Internet though, many people use the same password again and again. This is a huge security risk. If only one of their accounts is broken into by hackers, their whole online identity could be compromised.

Strangers could write emails in their name, shop online or access their bank accounts and ultimately damage their good reputation.

Your security on the Internet depends on the quality and variety of your passwords.

Coming up with, remembering and entering so many different passwords though is impossible.

Steganos Password Manager solves all three problems for you. It creates extremely good passwords, stores them securely and enters them automatically. From now on you only have to remember one password!

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Highest convenience and renowned German data protection

Secure access from everywhere - using cloud encryption

You'll only ever need one password

Steganos Password Manager takes care of the rest

Find your
Organize your
passwords by
their usage,
such as bank
accounts or
credit cards.
What is the
password for?

Name your
password or
let Password
Manager 15
generate a
 NEW  Printing
To keep a copy of your passwords list with a notary or in a safe-deposit box.
Mobile usage
Take your encrypted password list with you on a USB flash drive and make it accessible on every PC.
Password Generator
Creates secure passwords for you with just one click.
Steganos PicPass
Use Steganos PicPass and access your Password Manager by using a combination of pictures.