Become invisible in the Internet. Surf and work anonymously at the click of a button.

On the go with your laptop or at home on your PC

Steganos Internet Anonym protects you while being online.

Would you show someone on the street your ID card? Of course you wouldn't!
But you do just that online because your IP address allows you to be identified at all times. Suddenly you keep getting shown advertising for a product that you viewed earlier in the Internet. Even on completely different pages!

But advertising is just one problem of many because everything you do online can be followed by others. Say goodbye to all that today. Steganos Internet Anonymous encrypts your entire Internet connection so that no one can see where you go surfing.

At home and on the go

Protects you even in public hotspots.

Surf using changing IP addresses

This way you can not be traced.

Analyze the
location of
Surf anonymously
or activate the
Surf-Turbo with
just one click.
Change what
information others
can see when
you are online.
Use e-mail without giving away personal details. Throwaway addresses make it as easy and comfortable to use as your e-mail programme.
Many VPN services slow down your internet connection. With the Fastlane feature you stay anonymous and fast.
Best protection
Surf anonymously and safe thanks to SSL- and VPN-technology.
Block advertising on the Internet completely.