What is the Data Safe?

With the Steganos Data Safe, you can set up a digital data safe in no time at all and store all your documents there securely. Thanks to highly secure encryption and two-factor authentication of your various safes, thieves and snoopers have no access whatsoever. Only you can access your archived documents. Security as it should be.

Why should I encrypt my data?

Personal documents, account details and tan lists, but also financial data, family photos and other personal data have no place in the hands of unauthorized persons. The same applies to work-related content that is stored locally, such as customer data or invoices. Anyone who is careless risks data misuse by hackers and spies without realizing it. Crime on the Internet affects one in two people. So protect your data with the right encryption software for you!

What our customers say

D. Knopp

I find the product easy to use and safe.
K. E.

I like the ease of use and would therefore not change anything about the product.
O. Kollar

I like: The option of a portable safe and secure data storage.

Easy on your wallet:
A real price-performance champion

With our annual subscription model for Steganos Data Safe you receive numerous unbeatable advantages:

Encryption on the PC, in the network and in the cloud
Protect your data from hackers
Regular updates
No additional costs
Security made in Germany

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