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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the anonymous web proxy work?

The anonymous web proxy is a server that is located between your PC and the website or service you want to use. This way you can avoid letting the website you want to access know your IP address and surf anonymously, since only the IP address of the proxy server is visible for the website, while yours is hidden.
If the proxy server is located in another country, you can also use it to bypass geo-blocking or censorship, i.e. use websites and services that are normally not usable from your country. A proxy can also be useful in networks that block access to certain addresses or content. However, there is no guarantee that a certain website or service can be reached through the proxy.

How do I use the anonymous web proxy?

Simply type the desired Internet address into the address field, select the desired options and press Return or click the button. The desired website will then be loaded through the proxy and you can use it anonymously or, if necessary, bypass regional blocks, censorship or other blocking.

What should I use the anonymous web proxy for?

You should use the web proxy if you don't want to be tracked, hide your IP address or bypass regional blocking.
If you also want to encrypt your connection, make sure that not only 1 browser tab but all connections on your device are secure and anonymous and/or stream content, we recommend using a VPN, such as Steganos VPN Online Shield.

Can I stream movies, series or TV with the web proxy?

No, for this you need a VPN, e.g. the Steganos VPN Online Shield.

Is the connection via the web proxy encrypted?

No, for this you need a VPN, e.g. the Steganos VPN Online Shield. This encrypts all connections on your PC and ensures that you can use the Internet safely, anonymously and without worries, even in public networks, WLANs or hotspots.

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