Nothing to hide – much to fear from
Steganos online survey with surprising results

Berlin based security experts Steganos have asked 4.873 PC users

Show me your hard disc and I will tell you who you are
Personal documents, banking data, private videos: Our computer is our diary, our photo album, the cabinet and the window on the world.
Of course we do not want to leave that window open to everybody.

Nowadays having an anti-virus program only is not enough to save one’s digital privacy.
Furthermore VPN Tools are used more often: They encrypt the user’s whole Internet connection.

„If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear from“
Users of VPN software often are blamed by that silly accusation, although to protect your private data is a claimed human right.

The result of an anonymous online survey, which Steganos sent to 4.873 customers, was a surprise:
Those polled were way more afraid that someone could have stolen their own PC or notebook than they have feared the danger of being admonished because of any illegal online behaviour.

The sample of the survey’s biggest fear were attacks by cyber criminals and hackers. They were less concerned about colleagues, superiors or family members could see what was not meant for their eyes to see.

Bottom line

It is surprising that the theft of one’s computer is nearly the most threatening danger, although PC users know the risk of online crime and still perceive it the biggest threat.

Digital life and reality are one.

The respondents claim self-protection the most important thing – and not the concealment of one’s own activities.