Steganos Password Manager

Create and manage strong passwords. Convenient and secure to use on PC and smartphone.

The password manager offers you an optimal and securely encrypted overview of all login data. It lets you create new, strong passwords at any time. An all-in-one solution that creates an overview and at the same time offers maximum security for your personal data, payment details and documents. Whether on your PC, smartphone or optionally in the cloud.

Why do I need a password manager?

A password manager is much more secure and clearer than managing the various passwords manually. A notepad is easily lost, and passwords stored in the browser can quickly be read by hackers in an emergency. An overview and security can only be guaranteed with the appropriate encryption and storage of data by a password manager.

Security through strong encryption

Steganos Password Manager uses strong AES 256-Bit encryption with PBKDF2 key derivation, providing for maximum security and making your keychains uncrackable.

Password Autofill on Windows, iOS and Android

Works on all major browsers and your favorite apps with the new iOS & Android Password Manager apps.

Chrome, Firefox & Edge plugins

The Steganos Password Manager browser plugins provide comfortable autofill and password generation capabilities.

Account Assistant

When registering on a new website or service, Steganos Account Assistant instantly suggests a username as well as a strong password - helping you create a new entry with just a few clicks.

Password quality indicator

The password quality bar and entropy indicator update as you type, helping you create strong, industry-grade passwords with ease.

Simplified categorization of entries

Easily create a category by typing its name when editing an entry - and move other entries to it. Delete or rename it directly from the entry list.

Improved search & new grouping options

Full-text live search with search history to quickly access earlier search queries - group by category to further filter entries.

Easy import from other password managers

Import CSV password lists exported from 1Password, Lastpass, Keepass, and others. Import passwords from Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

What our customers say

G. Kreuzer

I like the PW Manager very much. I have nothing to wish for either in terms of presentation or content.
Ellie K.

I like the option to print out passwords. It's also good that I can save notes.
José Morales

I was always satisfied with the service and the program during my time using it.

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Password manager for Windows, Android and iOS
Secure encryption of your login data
Regular updates
No additional costs
Security made in Germany

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